This is the future of industry; this is SafeAI

At SafeAI, we know the future of heavy industry is right around the corner. Autonomy is poised to reshape industries like construction and mining. And now that we’ve proven the value and impact of our technology, we’re entering an era of massive industry adoption.

We’re proud to be at the forefront of this movement to transform heavy industry with connected autonomy. But this movement won’t just happen overnight; it will be built, brick by brick. Since 2017, we’ve been steadily establishing the foundation for the future, targeting the most important, heavily used off-road industrial vehicles to drive meaningful impact.

It all started when we automated the first Bobcat bulldozer to complete load-haul-dump cycles. Today, it has completed more than 1,000 cycles without human intervention. Since then, we have also retrofitted a Ford F-150 to run autonomously at a live quarry and, in the last year, enabled a Caterpillar 725 with unprecedented speed. It will soon be the world’s first autonomous articulated dump truck in production powered by the SafeAI autonomous platform. As our technology continues to advance, and demand continues to rise, we will scale to support companies site-wide, reimagining the way industries like construction and mining operate.

Enabled by autonomy, each vehicle can add approximately 1,000 additional hours of productivity per year. It’s the difference between capital projects being completed in four years instead of five, and under or over budget — driving meaningful benefits for not just companies, but entire cities.

Every new innovation over the last four years has been built on our previous successes — and we’re just getting started. This is the beginning of a new era for heavy industry — an era that is smarter, safer and more productive than ever. And we’re proud to be leading the charge.

This is the future of industry. This is SafeAI.



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Accelerating the Transition to Autonomous Mining and Construction