Dec 13, 2021

Transforming Heavy Industry: Hear from SafeAI in IT World Canada Panel

At SafeAI, we firmly believe emerging technologies like autonomy hold the potential to make heavy industry smarter, safer and more productive. And we’re not alone in this; excitement around digital transformation in industries like construction, mining and agriculture is growing.

In fact, our very own David Prusinski recently took part in a virtual panel on the topic, hosted by IT World Canada and moderated by Corey Cox, VP of Information Systems at Tandet Group. David, Jack London (Head of Business Development at Kontron) and Andrea Thomas (Senior Product Marketing Engineer at Intel) got together to talk about the rise of intelligent, connected equipment, how it powers more effective sites and what people need to know about the growing role of this technology in heavy industry.

Interested in hearing more? You can catch the discussion below!


Accelerating the Transition to Autonomous Mining and Construction