Welcome, Goodyear! SafeAI’s autonomous ecosystem is growing

At SafeAI, we’ve always believed in the power of a collaborative approach. That’s how we’ve introduced an autonomy solution to construction and mining job sites. We’re building an OEM-agnostic autonomous ecosystem — a platform that welcomes the entire portfolio of industry players, from tires to fleet management systems.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new partner joining our ecosystem: Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. Goodyear has been at the forefront of supporting vehicle innovation for more than one hundred years — from passenger vehicles, to freight trucks, to dump trucks. And in January, we’re banding together to take on a new frontier: tire intelligence for autonomous heavy equipment.

Tire health is a critical, and often-overlooked, element of a successful, efficient project site. When it’s not properly attended to, small problems like underinflation can cause wear and tear and blow up into big problems, derailing project timelines and budgets. That quickly adds up — to projects that take 20% more time than anticipated, and up to 80% over budget, according to McKinsey. Our integration with Goodyear is designed to monitor and protect tire health, eliminate costly downtime and create smarter, safer sites.

Goodyear will outfit a Caterpillar 725, already retrofitted with SafeAI’s autonomous software, with TPMS Heavy Duty rim-mounted sensors at our Obayashi site in Cupertino, CA. The sensors will collect temperature and pressure data to identify and communicate early or potential problems before they worsen and prompt costly repairs and downtime. The integration also enables Goodyear and SafeAI to exchange site data — on pressure, temperature, speed, miles traveled, etc. — to inform future innovation for both companies and arm site operators with full visibility into equipment performance.

For us at SafeAI, this is a major validation of our model by the leader in the tire industry. Tire intelligence for autonomous heavy equipment is nascent, and we’re thrilled to be working with Goodyear to lead the charge and push the boundaries of industry innovation. With our growing ecosystem, we’re equipped to remaster the operations of diverse heavy equipment fleets to create safer, more efficient construction and mining projects.

We’re looking forward to sharing updates from the Cupertino site in the new year and continuing to deploy fleets of SafeAI autonomous vehicles.

To learn more about our technology and what we’re doing, please visit https://safeai.ai/.

For more information about partnering with us, click here.



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Accelerating the Transition to Autonomous Mining and Construction